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Range Gas Cookers

Range cookers come with a variety of fuel options, but among the most popular are range gas cookers. Running on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), these range cookers are easy to use and extremely efficient.

Gas is a preferred fuel for many range cooker users because it provides instant heat, unlike electric or oil-fired cookers that need some time to warm up. It is also simple to control the level of heat in gas range cookers. Another benefit is that gas provides moist heat, which helps the food being cooked in the range cooker to retain all its natural juices. The one drawback of gas-powered cookers used to be uneven heating, but range cooker manufacturers have now overcome that problem by adding a fan in most models to assist even heat distribution.

Most homes in the UK get piped gas, which makes it simple to run range gas cookers. In case of emergencies when supply is disrupted, one can always turn to gas bottles as a backup. LPG is the most commonly used gas because it is environment friendly. Apart from all-gas range cookers, there are also models that run on dual fuels mostly gas and electricity. In such models the burners and woks are generally gas-fired while the ovens run on electricity.

Range gas cookers come in many sizes and are built to either stand free between your kitchen cabinets or be made part of your worktop. Range cookers are fast becoming increasingly trendy in kitchens around the world because they cater to all sorts of cooking needs in one compact unit. Allowing you to boil, roast, bake, fry and heat various dishes at the same time, range cookers are a godsend for large families and those who entertain often. While the smaller models of range cookers have two ovens and four or more burners, the bigger models come with four to six ovens as well as six or more burners and hotplates.

Among the top range cooker brands in the UK are Aga, Rayburn, Esse, Falcon, Leisure, Mercury, Nobel, Rangemaster and Stanley . If you wish to buy any of these range gas cookers, make sure to browse through . RangeAway makes it easy for you to buy and sell range cookers and can help you find the best deals. Visit our website for more information.

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