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Range Cookers UK

Turn your kitchen into a powerhouse of efficiency with range cookers, of which there is no dearth of choices in the UK market. Meeting all your different cooking and heating needs by itself, a range cooker helps do away with disarray in your kitchen as there is no longer any need for you to keep various small appliances for roasting, toasting, baking and warming.

Range cookers are more than just kitchen appliances – they are lifestyle aids. Once you get used to the versatility and convenience of a range cooker, you would not want to cook any other way. If you have a large family or have guests frequently, a range cooker becomes an invaluable ally in churning out lavish meals with great speed as it allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. That is why a range cooker quickly becomes the heart of your home’s inner sanctum - the kitchen.

There are many brands of range cookers available in the UK. Among the most popular are the Aga, Esse, Falcon, Alpha, Leisure, Mercury, Nobel, Rayburn, Rangemaster and Stanley. For a wide choice of range cookers from these manufacturers visit, which makes it easy for you to buy or sell range cookers in the UK.

Depending on the size, range cookers have between two and six ovens. While the smaller range cookers have four or more burners, the larger ones come with six or more burners and hotplates. A range cooker can either be integrated into your kitchen worktop or be a standalone unit that can slip into a gap in the counter. Many range cookers run on dual fuels, mostly gas and electricity. Also available are range cookers powered solely by gas, electricity, oil or solid fuels. Ovens in range cookers use different methods to cook – some are conventional, some use convection while others employ radiant heat.

Before you rush out and buy a range cooker, there is some amount of planning you need to do. First you have to see whether your kitchen can accommodate a range cooker in its present form. You might need to redo your worktop or earmark space for a standalone unit. You also have to decide on what fuel would suit you best. If you opt for a gas-powered range cooker, make sure you have ready and sustained supply in your home.

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