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Falcon Range Cookers

Whether you want your professional kitchen to become even more efficient or simply to feel like a chef at work in your own home, Falcon range cookers are a must for you. A leading name in the production of catering equipment for a quarter of a century, Falcon makes range cookers that are the trusted lieutenants of many leading chefs in the U.K. today. The fact that Falcon range cookers occupy pride of place in the kitchens at the Gleneagles Hotel and The Orient Express amply demonstrates their quality, performance and reliability.

A sister company of the producers of the legendary Aga cookers, Falcon is based in central Scotland and produces a large variety of professional quality range cookers that make it unbelievably easy for you to whip up lavish meals in very little time. Falcon range cookers come with five burners, two ovens and a grill. Some models also have an ambient storage drawer that helps in proving bread and warming plates. You could choose either an all-gas range cooker or a dual fuel range version that has hobs running on gas as well as electric-powered ovens and grill.

If the performance of Falcon range cookers has you impressed, their aesthetic appeal will take your breath away. Falcon’s range cookers come in a variety of hues from the conservative cream or black to the lively British racing green or royal blue, making them easy to blend into the colour scheme of your kitchen. The control knobs come in either gleaming brass or chrome finish. Falcon cookers also come with a unique safety feature that shuts the gas supply off in case the flame is extinguished. While the hobs are designed for easy removal and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, the ovens come with stay clean liners. As if that’s not enough, Falcon range cookers come with a three-year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer.

So do you feel a Falcon range cooker is what your kitchen needs? If you do, visit where buying and selling of range cookers is made easy. For more information on Falcon range cookers, please log on to our website.

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