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Falcon Cooker Online

Buying your dream Falcon cooker online has never been easier. With RangeAway you can be the proud owner of a Falcon cooker in no time, turning your kitchen into a powerhouse that any professional caterer would be proud of.

Falcon cookers have been winning hearts for 75 years, gracing professional kitchens as well as homes across the U.K. Reputed for their solid performance, safety, reliability and beauty, Falcon range cookers have become staunch allies of people who enjoy the therapeutic powers of cooking and even professional chefs across the country. Little wonder then that the kitchens in Gleneagles Hotel and legendary The Orient Express rely heavily on Falcon cookers.

You can buy Falcon cookers online or even at stores selling kitchen appliances. Falcon range cookers run either solely on gas or on dual fuels, with the burners powered by gas and the ovens and grill running on electricity. The various models of Falcon cookers have five burners, two ovens and a grill. Some models also come with an ambient storage drawer that gets warmed when the ovens are in use. The drawer can be used for proving bread or warming plates.

A Falcon cooker’s cavernous ovens are capable of roasting two 18 lb turkeys with unbelievable ease. Falcon cookers also allow you to cook at three different temperatures simultaneously. And to make its range cookers the safest in the market, Falcon has added a unique feature that automatically shuts off the flow of gas if the burner flame gets extinguished.

Falcon cookers – whose range includes the premier Deluxe and Traditions series – come in a variety of colours including classic cream, black, British racing green and royal blue. They are also available in stainless steel, with the control knobs in brass or chrome. The colours are easy to blend into virtually any kitchen décor.

If you want to buy a Falcon cooker online, please visit We specialise in bringing together sellers and buyers of range cookers manufactured by Falcon, Aga, Rayburn, Leisure, Esse, Rangemaster, Nobel, Stanley and Mercury. Contact us if you need more information on buying a Falcon cooker online.

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