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Benefits of Aga Cookers

AGA cookers have various benefits and are thus the ideal mode to cook delicious food for families all over the world. Some of the benefits include:

High quality food:
AGA cookers produce better and tastier food than any other cooking range because they are based on the principle of radiant heat that keeps food moist and retains nutrients and flavors. In comparison, other ranges use heated air to cook food, which makes the food dry and allow nutrients to escape.

The AGA cooker is incredibly strong. It weighs over 1290 pounds and occupies over ten sq ft of space. Made of durable cast iron, it has a three-layer vitreous enamel coat on it. Its life span is estimated to be over a hundred years and has self-cleaning systems. It runs on natural gas, propane and solid fuel and has high fuel efficiency with long heat retention and efficient insulation for minimal heat loss.

Spacious cooking:
AGA cookers have a large capacity. Special design features allow easy stacking of multiple racks of food. Also, the top hot plates are similar to burners and each can hold up to three pots at a time.

Heating options:
AGA cookers provide four burner options with burners for simmering, warming, roasting and baking. The warming plate and oven keeps food ready to serve or can be used to warm up the dinner plates. The baking oven option can be used to bake pizzas, casseroles and bread. The simmering oven and plate is perfect for slow and gentle cooking. Venting options allow for multiple items to be cooked simultaneously without affecting flavors.

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