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Aga cookers are a 70-year old British institution popular with celebrities and across the Atlantic . Aga cookers feature combinations of two, three or four ovens, and run on gas, solid fuels, oil and electricity. These cooking ranges use a single burner and the principle of radiant heat to enable you to provide your family and friends a delicious meal, at any time of day, in any season. You can leave a meal to cook in your Aga cooker in the morning and come back to find it ready to eat, which should be a boon to today's 24/7 workforce. With rising real estate prices and smaller homes, the versatile Aga cooker, which you can use for baking, roasting, grilling, warming food, simmering and boiling, can take the place of several modern-day kitchen appliances.

At RangeAway, we provide a forum for buyers and sellers of second-hand cooking ranges across the UK . For a nominal charge of £20.00, you can put in an advertisement of sale for your range cooker on our website. After your cooker is sold, we can remove it from your place of residence to the buyer's, and install it there.

When you run a search on our site, make a note of the prices offered for Aga cookers. Many of these cooking ranges are 20 years old, which is nothing when you consider the 100-year guarantee offered with an Aga cooker. The prices of Aga cookers offered for sale on our site are based on their age and condition at the time of sale. For example, a 20-year old Aga cooker in good condition is priced at £1,900.00, whereas a 15-year old to a 7-year old Aga cooker in similar condition could sell for at least £2,250.00 to £2,500.00. Most of the Aga cookers listed for sale recently are the two-oven models. Most Aga cookers in use for less than 7 years could cost more than £3,000.00, and those in use for less than a year could sell for over £4,000.00. If you want to buy or sell a cooking range, come and register at our site.

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