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Falcon Range Cookers

Falcon range cookers are well known and renowned all over the UK for their fantastic characteristics. They have been assisting chefs and cooks successfully for over 75 years now and hold a special place in their kitchen. It is a sister company of Aga-Rayburn, and boasts of impressive list of customers including The Gleneagles Hotel and the Orient Express.

Falcon range cookers are designed and manufactured with precision by professionals, and this feature makes it favourite amongst it customers. Falcon range cookers are so popular that they look like restaurant stoves at home. This makes them equally popular among chefs and other people who use it for domestic purposes. So, if you love to cook and spend bulk of your time in the kitchen then Falcon range cookers will delight you. These cookers also have amazing looks, which adds to the beauty of your kitchen. It is a wonderful blend of beauty and reliability.

Falcon range cookers give you wide range of colours. They are available in stainless steel in the following colours: Black, green, blue, and cream. Moreover, they are available as all gas & dual fuel, both at the same price. Falcon range cookers and its parts have a warranty of around three years.

If Falcon range cookers’ exterior is fantastic, then their interior is unbelievable. In fact the Falcon cookers have two large capacity ovens. Both ovens feature thermostatic control and catalytic self-clean liners. Such is the capacity of the twin ovens that roasting two 18lb turkeys is no problem at all. The Falcons natural heat zones allow you to cook food at different temperatures at the same time on 3 shelves.

Falcon range cookers offer you a plethora of friendly and amazing features. Following are some of the features:
• Each of the strong burners deliver 60,000 Btu/hr (17.5kw),
• Superb Twin Bar Burner rated at 30,000 Btu/hr (8.8kw) to ease the process of simmering.
• Both burner types have a 50% turn down provision for added controllability.
• All burners are fitted with individual flame failure for safety purposes.
• A spray bar provides a constant flow of water over the hob, to keep the surface cool and clean.
• Seamless, high-grade stainless steel single-pressed hob.

All in all, the most famous name in cookers in the UK, the Falcon range cookers are cooks’ delight and probably the important tool in their armour.

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